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Orbita has done it again. Making their Sparta Bold and Rotorwind Series even better! Responding to the needs of customers with one direction winding watches Orbita redesigned their circuit boards to run longer. The board will now turn the winder on to rotate every 8 minutes or every 12 minutes if your watch needs less turns per day the 12 minute on cycle will save battery life. The new 8/12 circuit boards will revolutionize the industry! The 8 minute setting will now wind every brand and model of watch and no programming is needed ever!

Orbita Rotorwind motor sometimes also called the Sparta Series and most recently THE BOLD. We refer to it as the EZ Winder because it is so easy to use! Sparta Watch Winders by Orbita Corporation use their revolutionary patented Rotorwind technology which uses gravity to do most of the winding work, just like when you wear the watch on your wrist!: Now Powered by Long Life 5 year Lithium Batteries! Please read our RotorWinder by Orbita Watch Winder reviews here. The Winding Motor inside is called the RotorWind System and we call this series "The Easy Winder" because it is! If you have one of the majority of bi-directional 650 Turn Watches this winder series will wind your watch. Winds 85% of all watches! Scroll down to see all winder models. Click picture to learn more about a winder. Any reference to alkaline batteries should be ignored. The Sparta now is powered by Lithium. Never replace Lithium batteries with Alkaline! Why? They operate fundamentally different and will damage your device and void your warranty. (Covered by Orbita's standard 2 year warranty, with extension option available at 2013 price of $50 per winder head per year.) Also do not put Lithium in a device not rated for the Lithium power! A unique winder for mechanical watches that is both affordable and amazing. The Sparta was originally designed as a Spartan, inexpensive watchwinder, however the folks at Orbita soon realized they had revolutionized the Battery Powered Winder! With the Patentented RotoWind System, Sparta Winders are changing the Industry and making winders much easier to use! Prior to the invention of the RotoWind system, to wind a variety of different watches you would have to memorize an elaborate set of settings for each watch, not so with the Sparta System! Choose free-standing open models or several models enclosed in attractive wood cases. Click image for enlarged view and further details.

Sparta Highlights
* Easiest Winder to use on the market.
* Longest battery Life at 5 years on Lithium Power!
* Winds every automatic watch, no matter who made it guaranteed!
* Whisper Quiet Technology
* American Made
* One of the Longest Winder Warranties: 2 year warranty.
* Available in single and double winders in Open Models and Boxed units, covered in Leather Like Open Box or Wood Case Boxed units. With View Windows and Solid Top. Scroll down page to see pictures of all the Sparta Winders. Sparta is a division of Orbita, but this winder is so revolutionary (no pun intended) Orbita should have spun it off as a company on its own!

Unlike other watch-winders which rotate a watch in order to wind it, the unique SPARTA 1 watchwinder gently swings the watch instead. Every 10 minutes (standard program) or every 15 minutes (extended program), the internal control micro-processor signals the drive motor to make a single turn, causing the watch to swing back and forth for several oscillations just as it would if it were being worn on the wrist. Works so revolutionarily well. (Pun intended!)

The 15 minute program allows many watches that wind in both directions to remain fully wound while on the winder and at the same time provides increased battery life by as much as 35%.

The oscillating winding action of the SPARTA 2 watch winder is totally self-regulating and there is absolutely no chance of damaging an expensive watch by over-winding. A semi-circular rotor, attached to the back of the mounting cup, is the "heart" of the patented ROTORWIND® system (click here for details). Made from a dense, non-magnetic iron material, it is supported by two free-turning precision ball bearings, thus enabling the heavy mass of the rotor to produce the "back and forth" motion when the cup is raised and then released from the 12 o'clock position.

For details of the patent governing the Rotorwind system (Patent No. 6,543,929). International patents for this unique design are pending.

Testimonials on Orbita Sparta Winders:
"Amazing winder, so simple!" John P. CA
"My Rolex loves its new weekend home! Thanks for removing the drudgery of setting my watch on hectic Monday mornings!" Carol A. NY
"My Breitling and Rolex have opposite winding requirements, this winder [Sparta] freed me from having to remember to switch the direction..." Sal OH.
"Finally a winder that does not grind and keep me awake!" Pete PA.
"Worth every penny! I wish I had not wasted money on that cheap winder from...." Dale VA.
"It's tangible, it's solid, it's beautiful. It's artistic...." Donald NY.
"I love this little winder! I'll be back for more..."Arnold CA.
"My Rolex gets worn so much more now that the Sparta keeps it wound for me! Thanks for the great customer service!"Kathy FL.
"I wish all product worked as well...problem solved..." Phil NY.
"I purchased a [Sparta]watchcase [winder] for my husband for our Anniversary. He just loved it. "Beth Ann TX.
"hassle-free" Paul WA.
"I just purchased a second [Sparta]watch winder. Number one was for me; number two was for a gift. I am pleased with both winders and the service I received. If a need for a third winder arises, I will buy it from Mr. G. at WATCHCASES.COM " Thomas NJ.
"Very satisfied with the quality of the [Sparta] watch winder. I would definitely purchase something from again. "Sue CT.
"Amazing Winder, so simple!"Bob AZ.
"I am very pleased with the product and I look forward to working with Donald in the future for other needs. Thank you." Ralph IL.
" The Sparta was such a relief compared to..." Claire GA.

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