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Welcome to the Premier store for Watch Winder knowledge. All winders just like all watches are not created equal. You get what you pay for. Cheap winders will destroy your watch. Expect to spend $250 or more on a winder for every watch you wind.

As of June 2015 the Winder Game has changed forever! The only winder you should consider is an Orbita Watch Winder with the new 8/12 PC BOARD. Why? Because it will wind every watch with it's self sensing self programming motor and you need only put the watch on and turn it on!

If you need a recommendation
for a brand of watch and a winder to match, read an article below or simply type the brand of watch or winder into the "search our site" bar above and click go.
You will get a list of related articles that our experts have written over the year and specific recommendations. New at Winding watches? Then read about the important brands here:

Automatic Watch Winder Reviews

and your best source for the purchase of a watch winder. Click the above link and read our automatic watch winder reviews of the most important brands.

Maybe you have a Rolex watch you need a winder for?

How to Choose: Choose the Best Watch Winder for your Automatic Watch

We think you should give strong consideration to the repairability of a watch winder in your purchasing decision. Many winders sold online are not repairable. This means even if they work at first, long term they will not work, they are made to be thrown away! We think this is one of the most important considerations in buying a watch winding box!

Why are some watch winders so expensive?

Watch Winders are a lot like cars in terms of pricing. Fit, finish, and dependability go up as the price goes up. The more you pay the better it looks and the better protection you get! Cheaper winder models sold elsewhere have a short life span, (measured in months as opposed to years) are loud when running (as opposed to whisper quiet), are thrown away when they break (as opposed to an Eilux Winder, Buben and Zorweg or American made Orbita Winder which are repairable).
Using this metaphor: Buben is the German made winder "the Mercedes of Winders",
Orbita is the American made winder "the Cadilac" of Winders, and then
Eilux is a dependable inexpensive Asian made "Toyota of Winders" Winder. Eilux has high and low end prices,at one price point a Toyota Yaris or a Toyota Land Cruiser at the other. With the dependability of both! What about those cheap brands other websites sell? Well they are the Yugo's cheap things that run poorly for awhile and then break down forever. How many Yugo do you see on the road today? Good reason for that! Cheaper sometimes is nice but in winders and cars it is a recipe for disaster! You get what you pay for with a watch winder, buy a good one from and be confident.

Which Winder is the best Value for the least money?

An Eilux Winder offers the best value if you must stretch your dollars. We have not found a cheaper winder that works and also provides years of quiet dependable service. Most winders sold for under $200 last only months. We have sold Eilux winders for over 10 years and our customers routinely say the winder is still working! Best of all it is repairable if it ever has a problem. You get what you pay for with a watch winder...The Eilux Leather Single Winder, the Eilux Double Watch Winder, or the Eilux Triple Winder are good choices that deliver awesome reliability, and functionality at the best winder price point Eilux Winders should be considered as long as your watch needs between 650 to 900 turns per day in any direction. Above 900 Eilux fails.

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