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For all of the Breitling watches I would strongly recommend a fully programmable watch winder one like the Buben and Zorweg or Rotolution Watch Winder, an Orbita Programmable Winder or the Wolf Viceroy 2.7 Series or above (NOTE:Non Viceroy 2.7+ series Wolf Winders will not work due to insufficient turns per day) It is critical with Wolf to get the right series of Winders. The ones we sell, not the cheaper ones on eeeeee-buybuy gone! Just email us if your confused.....

Breitling Crosswind Racing is a similar watch in terms of winder needs as are these:
Breitling Evolution
Breitling Navitimer 1461 Ltd. Ed
Breitling Navitimer Breitling Fighters
Breitling Old Navitimer I and II
Breitling Super Avenger

Caliber/Calibre: More simply the Movement- Breitling 13: ETA Valjoux 7750.

So the following Watch Winders will be good choices.

Orbita Voyager Travel Watch Winder

Orbita Siena 3 Watch Winders

Orbita Siena 1 Watch Winders

A note on exceptions: Most of the Breitling Super Oceans have easy winding requirements similar to most Rolex watches, ( about 650-900 Turns, but no more than 900 Turns) and therefore will work with the Orbita Rotorwind series and Eilux Winders. The Super Ocean Heritage 6 is an exception, and we recommend a fully programmable winder.

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