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Not every watch winder can be a Breitling Watch Winder!

Watch Winder Recommendations for Breitling Watches.

Manuy issues come up with Breitling watches.
  • Issue One: is they are large and thick and will not fit into many smaller winders. (BUBEN winders have the power to wind, but not the clearance for the Larger Breitlings) ORBITA winders work and EILUX winders Work.
  • Issue Two: Is they are heavy and many cheap winders can not stand the strain on their motor from turning a heavy Breitling watch and a cheap winder's motor will fail. Customers have returned WOLF winders saying they were not powerful enough, we have not verified this, but share it with you....
  • The third and most important issue about a Breitling watch winder is Turns Per Day. A Breitling winder needs a lot of quality turns per day. Most Breitling must be able to turn in excess of 800 TPD (turns per day) and usually in one direction only. Do to high turn needs ROTORWIND winders will not work.

    Many Winders only turn bi-directional. However to be a Breitling watchwinder the winder must be able to be set to turn clock wise (CW).

    A few movements Breitling offers only need 650 TPD BD (Bi-Directional) but due to the weight and other factors almost all Breitlings will do better with a fully programmable watch winder set on clockwise and set at over 800 TPD.

    Therefore the winders on this page are probably the only winders you should consider to use as a Breitling winder. Unless you want to have the joy of unpacking and repacking and shipping winders back and forth or throwing them away, save your time and money and buy a real breitling winder for your real watch. (Dare I say awesome watch!)

    Keep in mind a Breitling is not a Rolex and therefore is not so easy to care for.

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