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"Sempre Pro" 1 or 2 Manual Watch and Pocket Watch Winder by Orbita

Item# OR-SEMPRE Retail: $2,995.00Sale: $2,530.78 You Save $464.22 Handling_Time:  Size: 

The only winder made for stem wound mechanical watches!

* Made to wind hand wound watches. * Will wind both hand wound and Automatic Watches. * No other winder will wind hand wound watches! * Beautiful Real Wood Boxed Winder.

Item# OR-SEMPRE Retail: $2,995.00Sale: $2,530.78 You Save $464.22 Handling_Time:  Size: 

Questions & Answers about "Sempre Pro" 1 or 2 Manual Watch and Pocket Watch Winder by Orbita

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Sempre Watch Winders are one of a kind. Designed to wind manually by turning the stem of a mechanical or automatic watch.

These winders are built to order and will take a minimum of one week before they ship.

"Sempre Pro" Manual Watch Watch Winder. Winds any Mechanical Watch. Including pocket watches! This Winder Winds Watches that are stem wound and it is the only winder in the World that can do so! If an automatic watch has a stem it will wind it, but it is designed and patented for winding Stem Wound Mechanical Watches! Available in a 2 Winder also. Click color/size and choose W31002 Two Watch Winder.

The first and only watch winder that will wind both manual wind watches and automatic watches.....Small fingers (collets)grasp the watch’s stem and gently wind.... This is the only winder in the world that can wind manual watches... a normal Automatic Watch Winder will not wind a manual watch but this works on automatics too... The ultimate gift for a watch collector....Sempre Winder... Read aboutThe Sempre Winder in the Robb Report This Winder even wound the complicated Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon(PP5002)!

The only way to set this winder for your watch is with trial and error. Try one, if it fails move up 1 setting notch. It is critcial that one follow this procedure. Unlike an automatic watch a stem wound watch can be over wound. This Sempre winder comes from the factory preset at the lowest winding setting. Please start on this setting and test to see if this setting keeps your watch wound. If your watch is kept wound, (If for example after 2 days if watch is still running you should be good to go.) please keep it at this setting. Do not move to a higher winding setting! If your watch is not wound at setting 1, then please go up only one increment to test the next level. Orbita recommends a conservative and methodical approach to find the minimal setting where your watch stays wound. Once you find this setting, do not proceed further. Most watches work on the initial setting of this quality winder.

The Orbita Sempre winders' design replicates the human action of fingers winding a watch. The SEMPRE substitutes a mechanical finger arrangement, called a "collet", which grasps the watch’s crown securely and rotates it. Several different size collets are provided to fit any watch crown diameter from 3 to 9 millimeters. For safety purposes, the drive system is fitted with a mechanical slip-clutch, which has been factory set to slip at a safe torque in the event of a microprocessor failure. This redundancy eliminates any possibility of stressing or breaking the mainspring of an expensive and, perhaps delicate, mechanical watch.

Dual powered; by battery, the winder can be stored in a safe for 10 to 12 months without attention. Alternately, the winder may be powered with the high quality AC/DC converter supplied with each unit. The winder is housed in an elegant maple burl veneer case with a plate glass viewing pane and solid brass, gold-plated lock. All hardware is solid brass, with all exposed parts gold-plated and lacquered for durability. Many hand wound pocket watches (up to 60mm diameter) can also be accommodated with this system by using the supplied extender kit. Fully adjustable & convenient.

Some watches the Sempre Winder works well to wind include the following manual winding mechanical movement watches: Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece, the New Piaget Empreinte,IWC caliber 89,Omega Speedmaster Professional, Minerva TZLE...and many more. Typically in the past one could expect to be spending in the range of $10,000 or more for a mechanically wound watch with a perpetual date or other complications, and though this winder is expensive for the watches it was designed to service it is a bargain. This is a complex machine and the Sempre has yet to be copied by cheap imposters as have other watch winders.

5.1H x 9.7W x 7.8D. By Orbita.

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