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Orbita Winders: Orbita Watch Winders

"Orbita in my opinion is the best choice in watch winding today. Delivering value, US based customer service and an American Made product line second to none." Donald Geib President, Please read our Orbita Watch Winder review here.

Orbita makes two style of Winders, do not confuse the two. Their Pro Series the fully Programmable Winder Motor and their RotorWind series which use the patented Rotorwind Motors. Though the same great company and quality backs them both and both have a full 2 year warranty, they operate differently.

The Pro Series: Programmable Winders are the way to go if you own a watch with more than one winding stem. That is any multiple complication watch really should be placed on a fully programmable watch winder to keep it wound.

The Rotorwind: Is an all battery operated winder these are fitted with high-energy, factory-installed, LITHIUM batteries which are designed to provide a minimum of 5-year battery life. In addition, each ROTORWIND winder carries a 2-year product guarantee. All Orbita Winders carry a 2 year warranty.

The oscillating winding action of the ROTORWIND winder is totally self-regulating and there is absolutely no chance of damaging an expensive watch by over-winding. A semi-circular rotor, attached to the back of the mounting cup, is the "heart" of the patented ROTORWIND®

(click here) This page has many of the Orbita Pro Series or the fully programmable watch winders Orbita also makes the easy to use Sparta Series with the ROTORWIND motor system which though not as all encompassing is a very easy to use product and winds all bidirectional, 600 TPD watches on the market. Notice it is critical to speak with us if you are uncertain about your winding needs for your watch, call or email. We are in Virginia and can talk during our business hours but we answer emails ASAP so email any time. See the Sparta line here:

The RotorWind Line by Orbita (aka Sparta) has changed the rules for winding and made maintaining a large complicated collection of Automatic Watches Super Easy! However this page contains the fully programmable Orbita Watch Winders which have made Orbita famous in the Watch World!

Orbita's Pro Series Fully Prgrammable Winders major advantages are:
  • Made In America. (Serviced in America!)
  • Will wind every automatic watch made!
  • Repairable (not a throw away winder like most winders on the market).
  • Long 2-year Warranties and affordable after warranty service. (Reasonable bench fee and parts charges, so you can keep your winder going just like your car!)
  • Whisper Quiet Winders.
  • Breath taking beauty and performance: A thoroughbred among Winders.
  • Need more convincing then read Our Orbita Winder review. Or read this How the Orbita Winder motor works

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