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Discontinued: No Longer Available: Rotolution - Choose a Double (shown w price) or Quad (4) Winder - Click to enlarge

Discontinued: No Longer Available: Rotolution - Choose a Double (shown w price) or Quad (4) Winder

Item# ROTO-W2orW4 $795.00Choose_Size:  Pillow Size:  Handling_Time: 


Rotolution - The Most Precise Watch Winder (Chose 2 or 4 winders) Click here for Rotolution Accessories: Pillows or program replacement disc.

Featuring Rotolutions state-of-the-art digital winding technology, flexible USB connectivity, ultra-silent DC motor operation, and complete customization of all winding settings for either two or four independent winder heads round out what is without a doubt the absolute best value and performance driven winder on the market today!

And remember, all Rotolution winders feature auto-adjusting pillows, as well as their Pillow Retention System (PRS) which locks the pillow into the winder. No chance of your fine timepiece falling out of Rotolutions winder during operation! (This happens with Cheaper Winders!)

The Revolutionary Rotolution Watch Winder! Choose Size: 2 winder or 4 winder for only $500 more at $1,195. A great value for the money.
The Most adjustable programmable winder ever made! Uses a USB cable to allow you to program it initially using your computer for the most precise setting ever! Great for low turn watches and high turn watches. This is the winder choice for those high end expensive watches to ensure the exact minimal amount of winding.

The program allows for turn per day increments as low as 50 so you can be as precise as you want or need.(650,700,750,800....etc. Stopping at 6,000.) This makes it the most programmable winder ever made. Other fully programmable winders let you select from only a handful of settings, but the Rotolution can be set for any number of turns per day. No other winder is so precise or so easy.

The Rotolution Winder only needs to be plugged in using the USB connector to set the turns per day. Once it has been programmed, you can unplug it from the computer. Your settings are stored even if you turn the winder off or unplug it from the wall. Easy to alter in future by plugging it back in.

(Note:Also available in a 4 winder model, click drop down to order the 4 winder.)

The software is easy to install on any PC. Once installed, you can use it to set the desired turns per day and turning direction. You can also use the software to toggle either of the winder heads on or off. This is great if you want to have only a single watch on the winder for a time.

The independently controlled winder heads are housed in a beautiful cherry wood box. The swinging glass door on the front provides an unobstructed view of your watches as they are wound. The door can also be locked to keep your watches safe.

On the front of the winder is an LED display that cycles between showing the number of turns the winder is set for, the amount of time elapsed in the 24-hour winding cycle, and the number of turns completed in the cycle. You can power off the display by flipping one of the switches on the back.

The winder also has a storage drawer for up to 3 additional watches.

The watch-holder is great for watches with a leather strap. For other watch bands, such as those with deployant buckles, the watch-holder may be too large. You can see the watch-holder at the end of our video.

The winder comes with a USB cable for connecting to a PC and a CD with the software needed to program it. Also included is a user manual, 2 keys for the door, and a power adapter. Everything you need is included.

Powered by an included adapter.

Because the Rotolution Watch Winder is programmable for up to 6,000 turns per day, it is the best watch winder for a Seiko Kinetic.

Dimensions of the double winder: Width (left to right) 12.0" x Height 11.5" x Depth 9.0"

Dimensions of the 4 watch winder: Width (left to right) 16.5" x Height 13.5" x Depth 9.0"

Here is a short video demonstration:

Item# ROTO-W2orW4 $795.00Choose_Size:  Pillow Size:  Handling_Time: 

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