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Watch collector storage and display boxes are perfect for safely storing your watches when they are not in use. The elegant leather watch display case or wooden watch case with a luxurious soft fiber lining will protect your watches from the external environment. Ensure easy accessibility that suits your personal needs and allow you to easily move your entire collection to a safer location should you go on vacation for an extended time.

Watch boxes date back to the origins of the first pocket watches and have stayed consistently popular with watch enthusiasts for protecting their investments. Watch Boxes have transformed and improved to the point that most watch enthusiasts prefer to refer to them as watch cases now instead of as lowly boxes. The watch box has been transformed from the simple rough pine box with hinges to the modern fine exotic wooden case and luxurious leather case. Over the years as technology, craftsmanship and materials have improved the watch box has taken on impressive transformations.

Watch cases serve to protect your timepieces from dirt, scratches, shock, and a multitude of other hazardous situations. Watch cases are highly recommended to all owners of fine watches to help lengthen the longevity and beauty of their timepieces. (We recommend inserting those small moisture-absorbing pads inside the watch box to further protect your investment from damaging humidity.) Watch cases also offer the added benefit of keeping your timepieces organized and attractively displayed at all times. Some watch cases add a degree of security with a simple lock and with slots for each watch. At a glance one can see if a valued treasure is missing and re-locate it immediately.

Let’s face it; fine watches force their owners into collecting Horological treasures. Our fine cases might force you into collecting cases in addition to collecting watches. We hope so. No matter, if you buy one watch case or a dozen we will give you the same high degree of service and our "Guaranteed Period" promise!

We strive to provide top quality products within the time frame we promise and for the best price we can offer you. Call us if you need to discuss anything. I hope you enjoy shopping with us. Thanks.

Case Sizes: Watch Cases are not as easy to "size" as jewerly cases. Watch cases can have a large area but be very thin and therefore not useful to someone with thick watches. Or they can be tall enough for thick watches and not allow enough room for large face watches. Therefore both components are important (area and thickness). Volume of the watch case is one measure to compare sizes, but again, someone with a thicker watch or someone with a wide watch would want to pay attention to those dimensions and not just to the total volume.

Larger watches can often fit in a smaller case if it is thick enough. But very large watches will require a medium or large sized case that is also thick; they will never fit into a large case that is thin! Therefore we rate cases as being Large, medium or small in area and thick or thin. Manufacturers are starting to produce thicker cases, but they are not moving as quickly as watch manufacturers in style changes. Watch cases can not command the dollars of fine watches, or the economies of scale of lesser quality watches and therefore manufacturers wait for demand to build before responding with new box sizes. If you have a truly large watch you may have to wait for a case to be built. We do offer a money back guarantee should the case you purchase be too small for your watches. Why shop anywhere else?

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