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We only sell the Fully Programmable Winders from Wolf. Many of their older models are not as good. The Viceroy Module 2.7 and above are the only Wolf Winders that are fully programmable.

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Wolf Designs has grown into one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of high quality leather watch cases and winders. Founded in 1834, they are now into their third generation of family ownership. Wolf Designs offers a 2 year warranty on all their watch winders.

The all new Module 2.7 Watch Winder can be set to wind in any of 3 directional settings; clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directionally and turns per day can be adjusted upwards to as high as 1200 TPD, so this module 2.7 will wind anything. (2.7 replaces the inferior 2.0 module which only could be set for 600 TPD.) The 2.7 Module winders can be set up to not run at all while you are sleeping making it the quietest winder you can use in your bedroom! Other places on the internet sell cheap watch winders which run 24/7 and are guaranteed break, if they don't break your watch first. The Viceroy series will keep your watch ticking for years to come.

The Viceroy 2.7 Module simulates wearing a watch, allowing it to wind and unwind. Lubricants need to be evenly distributed within the watch movement; a watch left for days in a drawer or a safe is not a good situation. A car left in storage needs to be started periodically for the same reason.

Note: The Viceroy Module 2.7 Watch Holder/Pillow included with the winders are geared for Large Wristed Men. We found the standard size holder to be a bit large (As in wrist size). Your watch is loaded onto the holder by compressing it and then slipping the it inside your closed watch band. (The pillow is a bit stiff, but squeeze it completely a few times and it loosens up. You will not hurt the it just squish it as flat as you can.) If you have a smaller wrist and watch band, we highly recommend you order the smaller pillow/watch holder. You can buy just the pillow here. You can also select the smaller pillows from the drop-down menu when you add the item to your cart. You'll need 1 for each winder head. Small pillows will be in addition to the standard size pillows. The small pillows are usually black instead of the grey standard size. We can not guarantee color due to supply issues from factory.

Wolf Designs Winders Warranty Information

You should consider purchasing Wolf Designs smaller "pillow"/holder if your wrist size is not large. Wolf uses large pillows with their winders. Get a small pillow for free if purchased with a winder from us, just click the pillow size drop down and you will pay only a small separate shipping and handling charge not $45 each retail. The Pillows do not ship with the winder and will arrive at a later date, a few days later. If you wait to buy the pillows after delivery this deal does not apply so act today.

Rotation setting options from 300-1200 rotations. Double the TPD (Turns per Day) if set on bi-directional. By turning the knob to the 'ON' setting, the LCD screen will illuminate and rotation settings can be selected by pressing the '+' or '-' buttons. By pressing the '+' or '-' buttons you can select the rotations in increments of 50. Directional Settings: The knob to the left of the LCD screen provides options to select rotational direction- A= clockwise, B= counter-clockwise and C= bi-directional

Delayed Program Start: Start delay options from 6 hours to 72 hours (Default is 24 hours). By turning the knob from “ON” to the delay icon you can select rotation start delay. With the “+” or “-“ buttons you may select in 6 hour increments from 6 hours to 72 hours. The rationale for the 12 hour start delay is to provide the ability for a watch which has been recently worn and consequently has a tensioned mainspring, the opportunity to release the stored energy within the mainspring.

Option to run the unit on either 3.3V adapter (included) or D-Cell batteries. The units now include a built in sensor that allows the use of either alkaline or lithium batteries (Lithium batteries have twice the life of an alkaline battery). **Please note at the 4PC, 6PC and 8PC winders run solely on the 3.3V adapter, these units do not run on D-cell batteries.

A full rotation cycle includes either four or five sets of rotations executed within a six hour period. The length of the cycle and sleep phases will vary depending on the TPD (Turns per Day) settings. For example a winder set on 600 turns per day turning Bi—directionally will execute four rotation cycles with an approximate 30 minute rest phase between each cycle.

The watch winder will go into a sleep phase after executing all rotation cycles. This allows your watch to release stored energy within the mainspring. The sleep phase duration is 18 hours.

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