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For over 10 years we've been selling cases for storing watch collections. Some of our customers informed us that, while they loved their automatic watches, they sometimes left them in the watch case in favor of a cheap quartz watch. Their Rolex or Breitling was left at home instead of decorating their wrist because they didn't like having to set the time and date.

"You should store your watches in a watch winder," we told our customers. The response was amazing! Winders now outsell watch cases on our website. Nobody likes having to set their watch each time they want to wear it, and now you don't have to.

A watch winder is a device that rotates your watch in order to maintain the tension in the spring. Because the spring stays taut, it continues to provide power to the watch and keeps it from going dead. Click here to see a video showing how it works.

There is no better place to buy a winder than right here at We are the automatic watch winder experts!

We have over a decade of experience backing our recommendations, and we sell only the best quality winders. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so buy from us and you won't be disappointed. We guarantee it. Contact us to email us from site for a personalized recommendation from one of the experts at

A winder keeps your watch ticking when you aren't wearing it.

You can leave you watch on a winder any time you aren't wearing it. There is no risk of over-winding with any of the products we sell. Our winders hold your watch securely, so there is no chance of damaging your watch. The winder either rocks your watch back and forth, or rotates it slowly in a circle. This movement causes the rotor inside to turn. The turning of the rotor winds the mainspring so your watch is always ready to wear without having to set the time and date.

A winder will save you time and money.

A winder will assure that your watch is always ready to wear. Winders also protect against theft, keep dust out, and protect against damage to the winding stem caused by manual winding.

With winders, you get what you pay for.

We've been selling winders for over a decade and, in our experience, the brands that we sell are the only ones worth buying. You could get a winder for less, but you would only be setting yourself up for problems down the road. A cheap winder will be noisy and unreliable. Do yourself and your watch a favor by buying from us. You'll spend a little more money, but you won't be shopping for a replacement in 2 months like so many of our customers that bought less expensive products.

All our winder products come with a warranty of at least 1 year.

Our winders are quality products and are very reliable. We also personally guarantee every new product we sell for 30 days from the date of purchase.

We are authorized dealers of all the winder brands we offer.

Warranties are not honored if you do not buy from an authorized dealer. We can provide you with proof of purchase and put you in touch with the manufacturer years after the sale. Authorized dealers like have clout with the winder manufacturers due to the volume of business we do with them, so buy from us and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Here are Snippers for each brand we offer. If we don't offer a brand for sale, you should not even consider buying it! We have tested all and these pass the test of quality and functionality. The others do not work, break and must be tossed out or both within months!

Buben & Zorweg Winders made in Germany/Austria
    The German made Buben & Zorweg winders are the finest in the world. With a rock solid reputation and a 5 year warranty, Buben & Zorweg winders are the best choice when only quality matters.
    • Buben & Zorweg
    • Top Quality
    • Top Price
    • Top Performance
    • German Engineering at it's finest!

    Orbita: Made in America by Americans.

      Orbita programmable winders offer superb quality at reasonable luxury line prices. Made in the USA, Orbita winders are quiet and reliable. Guaranteed to wind every watch, including the heavy and hard to wind Breitling line of watches, and Rolex is a breeze on a Orbita Pro Winder. Even the Daytona must bow and be wound by the mighty Orbita Pro!
    • URL:
    • Quietest Winder in the World!
    • Soft Pillows will never scratch your gold watch!
    • Made in America
    • Life time purchase, affordable and convenient repairs even after the warranty expires!

    "Orbita Sparta RotorWind": Made and Invented in America!
    • Url:
    • Easy Winders! The easierst to use winder made!
    • Roto Series (formerly Sparta) Series of "Self Programming" Winders.
    • So reliable it has a 2 year warranty that even covers the battery going dead.
    • The battery has a 5 year life.

    Wolf, American owned made in China.
    Wolf Winders are sleek and modern. They can be easily programmed to work for any watch. They can be operated with batteries or plugged into the wall. They can be programmed to do all their winding during the day so that they won't keep you up at night. Wolf has a 2 year warranty and is a great choice for hard to wind watches like chronographs.

    • Url:
    • Programming is a breeze.
    • Looks and design are second to none!
    • Price point is competitive. Good value for the money.
    • Unheard of 2 year warranty on an electronic device included at this price! Nice!

    Eilux Winders made in Hong Kong.
    Don't let the price fool you. Eilux offers a quiet, reliable product for just a few dollars more than a lower quality Steinhausen winder. Made to Quality standard of Luxury Winder at Value Prices in Hong Kong "The City of Watches!"Eilux will work for almost any watch, and are a great choice for a watch collector that can't afford one of the luxury brands.
    • Quiet
    • Dependable
    • Winds every brand of watch and almost every watch made!
    • Originally made exclusively for the Japanese market. Very demanding consumers!
    • Best Value for the money. We hate to sell it at these prices, but you benefit!

    Rotolution Winders
      Rotolution offers the most programming options. You can set the number of turns per day from 1 to 6,000. No matter what kind of watch you have, the Rotolution is guaranteed to have a setting for you.
    • Url:
    • This Unit is made in China and assembled to order in America.
    • An American Inventor and Engineer reworked the circuit board and controls to make the most programmable winder on the planet.
    • We recommend this winder for watches that need only 350 turns or those needing over 900 turns.
    • Unique program method uses a computer interface for precise one time setting.

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