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*The Sparta RotorWind system by Orbita.  - Click to enlarge

The patented Rotorwind system (formerly known as Sparta) is made by Orbita in Willmington North Carolina, and was designed for Bi-directional winding watches one direction winding watches needing up to 800 turns per day. If your watch needs more turns than this the tried and true older Orbita Programmable motor is a better choice.

The Rotorwind motor is referred to as the self programming winder. We refer to it as "The Easy Winder".
Orbita makes their Sparta line which uses their patented Rotorwind Technology we call it "The Easy Winder" because of its best feature, its ease of use! No other winder is easier!

Sparta/Rotorwind 1,2,3 and 6 winders come equipped with lithium batteries backed by a 2 year warranty on all mechanical parts even the Lithium batteries! In addition the batteries are guaranteed to last in your winder for 5 years!

Note: The Larger Units 8 winders and up tend to be plug in only winders (no battery option) and also have the standard Orbita 2 year warranty. It is important to note that all Orbita products are fixable forever! The cost of repairs is surprisingly low when you consider the value of the product! Even 10 years from now if your Orbita stops working you can get it repaired for a small fee...American Made and American backed! (Historically the cost of repairs has averaged at less than 25% of the cost of a brand new winder, they use high end motors and parts, so though not “cheap” it is an affordable price point for repair. We have customers now who have used their Orbita winders for over 10 years trouble free! Orbita claims customers with 20 years of constant use! This is a good product.

Sparta now winds virtually every Automatic Watch Sold. The new longer 10 minute cycle and Long Life Lithium batteries have changed all the old rules! Sparta Rotorwind is the only choice for the discriminating buyer who wants a good solution! An Easy Solution!

Sparta RotorWind is the Easy Winder Solution from US based Orbita Watch Winders. The Rotorwind module has 2 innovations that separate it from the pack:

1. The Patented RotorWind System itself, which swings a watch like a pendulum instead of spinning it like a drill.
2. Their new Sparta Lithium 5 year Batteries which give you 5 years of life. Guaranteed under warranty terms for 2 years but expected to last 5 years!

If you wish to read and learn more about Sparta Winders Click here for Infromation on Sparta RotorWind by Orbita.

Or Just Scroll down and shop all the Sparta Winders! The Rotorwind Technology is amazing, since it rotates the watches pendulum like it simulates the wrist movement action more closely than any other winder on the market. The watch moves through the entire range of motion and therefore does not need to be set to get it right. This saves a lot of time effort and energy....

(Note: As of 3/15/2010 Battery compartment must be opened and yellow tab removed before batteries will operate due to FedEx/UPS Shipping requirements)

Sparta RotorWind is an awesome easy to use product however it will not wind every watch made. It will wind every brand of watch however some movements within some brands require more Turns Per Day than the Sparta Series will give. For multiple complication high TPD watches, we recommend Fully Programmable winders. Chronographs and watches with multiple dials and stop watch functions work best on fully programmable high TPD winders . See the other Orbita winders.

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