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Avanti Watch Winder by Orbita: Choose 3 Winders or 4 Winders - Click to enlarge

Avanti Watch Winder by Orbita: Choose 3 Winders or 4 Winders

Item# OR-AV3 Retail: $2,995.00Sale: $2,965.05 You Save $29.95 Motor_Click_Here:  Handling_Time:  Wrist_Size?: 

The Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder is now available as a 4 winder!
As of June 2015 Orbita has revised the PC Board in the Avanti Rotorwind Motor so on the 8 minute setting the Rotorwind now can wind those hard to wind Breitlings, Tags and other Chronometers! So either Motor will work for all your watches.

The original AVANTI 3 has been redesigned to now include 3 built-in storage drawers for watches, pens and personal jewelry items. The case is constructed of Macassar with carbon-fiber trim panels. Two glass doors provide visibility and are lockable for security.

The result is a highly attractive watchwinder case which looks appealing whether in a contemporary or traditional background setting.

Inside are three SELF PROGRAMMING winder modules powered by 5-year Lithium batteries. The patented ROTORWIND® system "rocks" the watch in an oscillating mode, once every ten minutes, 24/7. This gentle action replenishes the mainspring tension lost in the previous 10 minutes, assuring virtually constant mainspring torque. That is the optimum arrangement to insure the highest watch accuracy. Ball bearing construction throughout, coupled with the use of Swiss designed ironless core precision servomotors assures long life with no maintenance ever required.

The AVANTI 3 is the perfect choice for collectors whose watch collection is growing. The AVANTI 3 can be factory upgraded at any time in the future to an AVANTI 6 design by replacing the original panel with a 6-head panel and simply adding 3 additional heads.

American made with a STANDARD 2 year warranty and repairable for life. So we refer to this as a Life Time winder. Most winders will die in from 2 months to 3 years, so yes the Avanti costs more because you get more! Winds all brand of Automatic Watches. Look up your watches winding needs or call or email us and we will do the work for you. Some watches require over 800 turns per day in one direction and therefore you need to purchase the programmable motor not the Rotorwind motor. Most watches will wind with the Rotorwind self programming motor. This is the easiest winder to use with this motor. We are experts on automatic watches and watch winders and can guide you down the correct path to take care of your valuable watch. Use the code aten and save 10 on this winder at

The Avanti Three Watch Winder by Orbita Corporation. The Best Winder Money Can Buy!

Combining exotic Macassar veneer and genuine carbon fiber trim results in an impressive cabinet that will retain a great look forever and the Orbita Motors like wise will be almost as long lasting, and do not forget, are repairable! So you will easily have this Avanti Winder forever.

  • 5 year Lithium Batteries.
  • Winds 3 watches simultaneously.
  • Three additional drawers for watches, pens etc.
  • Your watches are displayed beautifully in an Italian made Brazilian Rosewood veneer case.
  • The 3 Orbita winders are housed in durable Carbon Fiber panels.
  • Independent operation for each winding head.
  • Virtually silent in operation.
  • Ball bearing construction throughout
  • Swiss designed ironless core precision motors
  • Long life with no maintenance required.
  • Repairable in the unlikely even should anything ever go wrong!
  • Available in RotorWind or Programmable Motors.
  • Expandable to a 6 winder in future if desired.(fee involved)

Approximate exterior dimensions: 13.5 x 15.25 x 8.25.

Avanti Series Watch Winder. Powered by the Revolutionary RotorWinder System and 5 year Lithium Batteries! No more fretting about winding your watches. The RotorWind senses the needs for each watch and the pendulum swing simulates the natural motion of you wearing your watch!

The heart of the Avanti series is the Self Programming RotorWind winder module powered by 5-year Long Life Lithium Batteries. The patented Rotorwind systems "rocks" your watches in a pendulum motion every 10 minutes. This gentle action replenishes the mainspring inside your expensive Automatic watch without putting undue stress on the watch. The programmable version is plug-in only.

This on off cycling replenishes the tension lost on the mainspring from the previous 10 minutes of operation and therefore keeps a constant torque on the mainspring, assuring higher accuracy than even if you wore the watch.

Quality from Top to Bottom. Housed in Italian made Brazilian Rosewood Vaneer cases with genuine soft protective Carbon Fiber panels. Powered by a Swiss designed ironless core precision servomotor assuring long life and zero maintenance ever required. Most important of all is these units can be repaired should something ever go wrong. American designed and built for quality and beauty. Using the best ingredients from the world over to keep your watches wound while you unwind and enjoy them!

Item# OR-AV3 Retail: $2,995.00Sale: $2,965.05 You Save $29.95 Motor_Click_Here:  Handling_Time:  Wrist_Size?: 

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