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Viceroy 8 Watch Winder by Wolf Designs Module 2.7 (456902) - Click to enlarge

Viceroy 8 Watch Winder by Wolf Designs Module 2.7 (456902)

Item# WOW8-456902 $2,399.00Wrist_Size?:  Handling_Time: 

Viceroy 8 Watch Winder by Wolf Designs
All new Viceroy Watch Winders by Wolf Designs.

One of the largest winders on the market at an incredible price for such a large unit. This is a brand new concept, a large multiple watch winders unit in a compact package. Wolf Designs does it again with this beautiful 8 watch winders watch case. Each Winder head has the new Module 2.7 Watch Winder described in detail click here.

Wolf Designs offers a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on their watch winders.

We found the standard size pillow included in the winder to be a bit large. Your watch is loaded by compressing the pillow and then fitting it inside your watch band. If you have an average to smaller wrist and watch band, we highly recommend the smaller pillow. If you buy the pillow with the winder you get a discount or you can buy a Wolf Designs watch pillow/watch cuff later at full retail.

Approximate Dimensions
12”H x 19.75”W x 6.25”D WOW8-456902

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Some Additional Details about Wolf Designs Module 2.7 Viceroy 8 watch Winder.

  1. Enlarged drum (71mm deep and 77mm wide) - easily holds the largest of timepieces
  2. Patent Pending “snug fit” cuff connects into drum - your watch stays put
  3. Backlit LCD display - lights up with your touch
  4. TurnsPerDay: Selections: Start with 300 TPD’s up to 1,200 TPD (in increments of 50). 57 possible settings
  5. Easy directional control settings: A= clockwise, B= counterclockwise C= bi-directional (both direction: most common setting for automatic watches)
  6. Power reserve start delay from 6 – 72 hours (in increments of 6 hrs)
  7. Rotation countdown display - know where your winder is in its cycle
  8. Constructed with sturdy wood frames
  9. Lockable glass front
  10. cover Black pebble finish exterior
  11. Unit runs solely on the 3.3V adapter (included)
  12. Dimensions: 12in H x 19.75in W x 6.25in D

    Item# WOW8-456902 $2,399.00Wrist_Size?:  Handling_Time: 

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