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What is the average wrist size and how do I measure my wrist?

Measuring Your Wrist Size

You can get a measurement of your wrist by using a soft measuring tape or by measuring the inside of your your best fitting watch. If you don't have a soft measuring tape, you can wrap a ribbon or a piece of string around your wrist at the wrist bone, mark the spot where it meets, and then measure it with a ruler to determine your wrist size. To get the best fit, measure snug at the wrist bone.

When buying a bracelet, your bracelet size is your wrist size plus 1 inch.

When buying a watch band, you need to take into account the size of the watch. A 7 inch watch band may seem too small, but the watch itself adds another inch or so, depending on the watch. A standard size watch strap is good for wrists between 7 and 8 inches.

The average wrist size for adults is 7.17 inches and is correlated with height. Taller people tend to have larger wrists.

Height and average wrist size
  • 5'8" Tall
    • 7 inches
  • 5'10" Tall
    • 7.1 inches
  • 6' Tall
    • 7.27 inches
  • 6'2" Tall
    • 7.45 inches
  • 6'4" Tall
    • 7.62 inches

Men's Standard Watch Bracelet Sizes
  • Adult Small:
    • 6" to 7"
  • Adult Average:
    • 7" to 8"
  • Adult Large:
    • 8" to 9"
  • Adult X-Large:
    • 9" to 10"
Women's Standard Bracelet Sizes
  • Adult Small
    • 5-1/2" to 6-1/2"
  • Adult Average
    • 6-1/2" to 7-1/2"
  • Adult Large
    • 7-1/2" to 8-1/2"
  • Adult X-Large
    • 8-1/2" to 9-1/2"

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